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Ensure confidentiality of sensitive data by erasing files completely and securely. Get rid of deleted files forever!

Why Deleting a File Does Not Guarantee Anything

Did you know that simply deleting a file in Windows leaves its content intact? You or anyone else can locate and recover the files you erased, and get unrestricted access to your confidential information and sensitive data. If you need the proof, just download any of the many data recovery tools that we offer, and quickly scan your hard disk. You’ll be surprised how many traces your deleted files have, and how easy and complete the data recovery is!

Get Rid of Sensitive Information Forever

Free Eraser gets rid of sensitive information finally and completely. Once you delete a file with Free Erase, there is no going back for you or anyone else. Scrupulously wiping the content of the files and meticulously messing up its metadata, Free Eraser makes erased files gone forever. Regain peace of mind by knowing that private data and sensitive information is securely deleted, and is completely unrecoverable.

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Our Complete Security Guarantee

Free Eraser dares to guarantee that the contents of the files it erases cannot be restored even in FBI security labs. A cryptographically strong sequence of random data replaces the original file contents, making it absolutely impossible to retrieve the original information. By applying cryptographically strong algorithms of generating the white noise to replace actual data, Free Eraser guarantees that the files cannot be read even if your hard disk gets in hands of security professionals with a fully equipped data recovery lab.

While anyone can claim to have used the strong and secure algorithms, we are ready to back our claims by releasing Free Eraser under the GNU General Public License.

System Requirements

Free Eraser is a truly universal tool, supporting NTFS, FAT, and VFAT file systems and working on all Windows OS.

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