Tutorial of Mareew Disk Recovery

Recover files and data from corrupted NTFS disks

Installing the software

Mareew Disk Recovery recovers data from NTFS volumes and repairs NTFS disks and partitions. Make sure to read and understand the precautions before downloading and installing your copy of Mareew Disk Recovery.

CAUTION: Do not save or install Mareew Disk Recovery onto the disk being recovered. If you do, the recoverable files may get overwritten, and the damaged disk can be hit with more corruption. Always use a separate disk or partition to install Mareew Disk Recovery. As an alternative, using an external USB drive or memory card, a remote disk, or even a recordable CD or DVD is a good idea.
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Registering Mareew Disk Recovery

A valid registration key is required to perform the recovery of disks and data. Help - Order Now or Help - About - Buy Now will let you order a registration key. Enter the key by clicking Input Key and filling out the window with registration information you receive after placing your order. Click OK to close the dialog.

Disk Recovery

You may choose to register your copy after ensuring that your files are actually recoverable. In that case, perform the recovery steps until you see a list of recoverable files. Make sure that the files are fully recoverable by viewing them with Live Preview. Select files to recover and click Next to access the registration window that offers to purchase and enter a registration key. You will not have to perform the scanning once again after entering a registration key.

Disk Recovery

Operating Mareew Disk Recovery

Mareew Disk Recovery operates in a step-by-step wizard mode. Launching the program opens the welcome page of the Easy Recovery Wizard.

Disk Recovery

Recovering Data from NTFS Partitions

In order to recover lost or deleted data, select a NTFS-formatted disk or partition. No changes are being made to the selected disk at this point.

As an alternative to scanning a disk directly, consider using a virtual partition. A virtual partition is a snapshot image of an actual hard disk. By performing data recovery operations on a virtual partition instead of the real disk, you are performing the safest recovery possible. Mount a virtual image of a hard drive or create a new virtual partition by using Map Virtual Partitions.

To mount an existing virtual partition: Help - Mount Image. To create a new virtual partition: right-click on a hard drive or partition and click Create Recovery Snapshot.

Disk Recovery

Scanning a disk can take a long time. The following window will provide progress information and list the number of discovered files.

Disk Recovery

All recoverable files are displayed in an Explorer-like window after the scanning is finished.

Disk Recovery

Lost and deleted files are market with a red "X". Click on a file to see a full-size preview. The preview works in both registered and free editions of Mareew Disk Recovery.

Disk Recovery

Mark files to recover with check boxes, and click Next to proceed.

Disk Recovery

Select a folder to save the recovered files to. It is highly recommended that you use a different disk or an external storage to store the recovered files.

To access recovered data, click the underlined link, then click Finish.

Using Mareew Disk Recovery to Recover NTFS Partitions

Mareew Disk Recovery is capable of repairing NTFS-formatted partitions. To repair a partition, double-click on a physical drive in the disk selection window. Mareew Disk Recovery will scan the selected drive for lost, deleted or damaged volumes and partitions.

Disk Recovery

Mareew Disk Recovery will automatically scan the drive in order to locate all NTFS partitions on the selected physical drive. Click Recover Partitions to add the partitions to the list of available disks.

Disk Recovery

The recovery wizard will add the discovered partitions to the disk selection window. Choose a partition to recover and click Next, and follow the prompts to recover data.

Using Mareew Disk Recovery to Recover the Entire Hard Drive

To recover data from the whole disk, double-click a physical disk and click Recover Hard Drive. Mareew Disk Recovery will automatically scan the drive to locate all recoverable data on that disk. No changes are made to the disk at that time. Recovering large drives can take awhile; that is normal operation. After the scanning is finished, follow the prompts to complete the recovery.

Disk Recovery

About the "Recovered Files" Folder

There is a special folder called Recovered Files that contains files located by a specific recovery algorithm. SmartSearch is an innovative recovery algorithm used by WizardRecovery Company to recover data from badly damaged disks and partitions with corrupted or missing file systems. SmartSearch combines information from the file system with information about recoverable files that it gathers by scanning the disk surface directly. The technology recognizes over 100 of file types, allowing you to recover important files and documents even if there is no file system left.

Disk Recovery

The Recovered Files folder displays all recoverable documents grouped by the type. You can see a preview of each file by simply clicking on it. Live View supports over 100 formats, including office documents, compressed archives, digital images and multimedia files.

Disk Recovery

Select files to recover by putting check box in front of the files. Click Next to proceed, and follow the instructions.

Product Information:

Mareew Disk Recovery

Software Information:

Program Version:

Build Version:

Last Update:
25 June 2013

Setup File Size:
7.61 Mb

Supported Platforms:
Windows 2000
Windows XP (x86, x64)
Windows Vista (x86, x64)
Windows 7 (x86, x64)
Windows 8 (x86, x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86, x64)
Windows Server 2003 - 2012

Software Licenses:
Standard, Business and Professional

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