Tutorial of Hard Drive Recovery

Fix damaged hard drives and recover files and data in a few easy steps

Installing the software

Downloading and installing a data recovery application requires a different approach than any other type of software. It is important that you follow the installation instructions in order to avoid further corruption to the damaged disks or deleted data.

IMPORTANT: It is vital to never use a damaged disk or a disk that contains files to recover to save the downloaded installation file, or to install Mareew Hard Drive Recovery. Save a downloaded copy of Mareew Hard Drive Recovery onto a separate drive or partition, or use an external device such as a USB drive, flash memory card, CD or DVD disc, or a network location, and install it onto that media.
Download Mareew Hard Drive Recovery

Licensing Your Copy

Mareew Hard Drive Recovery requires a valid license key in order to save the recovered files. Use Help - Order Now or Help - About - Buy Now to order your license key. Use Input Key to enter the license you have purchased. Click OK to apply the license key; restarting Mareew Hard Drive Recovery is not required.

Hard Drive Recovery About and Input Key window

Alternatively, it is easy to decide on purchasing a license for Mareew Hard Drive Recovery on the last step of the Easy Recovery Wizard. After the scan operation is finished, and when you are sure about your important files being indeed fully recoverable, Mareew Hard Drive Recovery will display a dialog window allowing you to purchase and enter your license key. If you choose to register in that way, there will be no need to re-scan the disk; simply enter the key and proceed to the final step of recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery Export Wizard Registration

Recovering Data with Mareew Hard Drive Recovery

Launching the program from the Start menu or the desktop of your PC will display a welcome window of the Easy Recovery Wizard.

Hard Drive Recovery Main Window ScreenShot

Selecting a Disk to Recover Data

Specify a disk or partition to recover data from. You can pick a particular volume or entire hard disks.
At this step, no modifications are done to the disks.

Alternatively, you can mount a snapshot of a disk to safely recover your data. Click Map Virtual Partitions to access this functionality.

Mount a previously created snapshot by using Help - Mount Image. Create a new snapshot by right-clicking a disk or partition and selecting Create Recovery Snapshot.

Selecting a disk or partition volume

Please choose type of a file system on the hdd or disk to recover.

Selecting a file system

Scanning a disk can take a while. A progress dialog will keep you updated with the number of recoverable files located so far.

Scaning the disk

After the scan is complete, the following window will display a list of recoverable files.

Scan Results window

Lost and deleted files are marked with a red "X". Click on a file to see its preview. In order to keep it safe, no data is written on the disk while previewing files.

LivePreview Feature

Just select all files you want to recover, and click the "Recover" at the top menu.

Export Wizard

Specify a folder to save recovered files to. Click Next to proceed.

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the folder is located on a separate disk or partition other than the one being recovered.

After the recovery process is completed, click the underlined link to open a folder that contains the recovered files. Click Finish.

 Finish page

How to Recover Partitions

You can repair damaged partitions by selecting a physical disk (double-click on one of the Physical Drives in the disk selection window). Mareew Hard Drive Recovery will scan the selected physical drive for partitions, and will display a list of volumes found on that drive. Click Recover Partition to repair one.

Partition Recovery Wizard

The recovery wizard will add all discovered partitions into the disk selection window. Select a volume to recover, and click Next to proceed with data recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery

How to Repair Hard Drives

You can repair the entire hard drive by double-clicking on a physical drive in the disk selection window and selecting Recover Hard Drive. Mareew Hard Drive Recovery will automatically scan the drive to locate recoverable data on the physical disk. Scanning hard disks may take a while depending on their size. After the scan is complete, proceed with data recovery.

How to repaire hard drive

About "Recovered Files" Folder

Recovered files folder - SmartSearch Feature

The Recovered Files folder contains data found by the SmartSearch algorithm.

The SmartSearch technology is your last resort when recovering badly damaged volumes or hard disks with damaged or missing file systems. The technology efficiently locates files no longer registered in the file system by scanning the entire surface of the disk and matching its contents against a set of pre-defined templates. SmartSearch features templates for over 250 different types of files, including office documents, email, databases, digital images and multimedia files...Read More


The recoverable files are grouped by the type. You can preview each file by simply clicking on it. Note that nothing is being written onto the disk when you preview a file to ensure data integrity.

LivePreview before you buy

Select a files to see the file Live Preview...Read More

LivePreview Feature

Product Information:

Mareew Hard Drive Recovery

Software Information:

Program Version:

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Last Update:
25 June 2013

Setup File Size:
7.83 Mb

Supported Platforms:
Windows 2000
Windows XP (x86, x64)
Windows Vista (x86, x64)
Windows 7 (x86, x64)
Windows 8 (x86, x64)
Windows 8.1 (x86, x64)
Windows Server 2003 - 2012

Software Licenses:
Standard, Business and Professional

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