Article: Recover Data, Disks and Files with a Wizard

Traditionally, hard disk recovery has been dominated by corporate-level, hi-tech products that cost hundreds of dollars. Using such products to actually recover data was a tricky process and a complex gamble. An incorrect setting or a wrong selection in a recovery program could cause irreparable damage to the corrupted data, making it impossible to restore data afterwards


As the software market evolved, the new-generation data recovery tools have appeared. The latest tools are designed to be used by live humans with limited or no knowledge of the internal data structures of the modern file systems. No longer sector-level editing is offered in such tools, and no longer are you able to make a catastrophic error when attempting to recover data. Basically, your ability to mess with the low-level stuff directly is taken away. But what are you getting in its place?

Instead of being able to deal with bits and bytes stored on the hard drive, you are getting a straightforward, easy-to-use wizard to help you recover data. Wizard-style user interfaces ar e typical for consumer-oriented data recovery products, and are employed by the majority of manufacturers.

The wizard approach to disk and data recovery is appealing to the majority of users. The wizard interface is straightforward, the prompts are easy to read and comprehend, and the settings displayed are always related to the current stage of the data recovery process. There is no need to choose among a handful of buttons representing different actions, such as recovering disks, partitions, file systems or data.

Typically, you want your data back, and donít care much about what exactly is corrupted. Whether the partition table or a file system on your disk is damaged, you want to fix the disk and recover data. Having more than one button (which is called ĎNextí in the wizard-style interfaces) confuses the user, and opens the possibility of making the wrong choice, which in turn can cause more damage to the corrupted structures that was already there.

Wizards typically offer a possibility to go back one or more steps, making it possible to correct a wrong choice if needed. The ability to trace back your choices is a welcome one, not often found in classical user interfaces.

Using current-generation data recovery tools is easy, safe and straightforward compared to the dinosaurs of yesterday. Fix your disk and recover data yourself with the data recovery wizards!

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