Article: Mareew NTFS Disk Recovery

Recovering damaged or corrupted NTFS disk partitions can be tricky at best. NTFS was developed by Microsoft as a replacement of the aged FAT to improve the reliability, extensibility and performance provided by the file system.

The New Technology File System, as they called the FAT replacement, features extensive integrity checks and self-repair measures to control data integrity. The transactional architecture and the journal log of all modifications made to the file system make the NTFS potentially bullet-proof.

Unfortunately, in reality the NTFS is less than 100% reliable. While certainly more crash-resistant than the FAT, the NTFS partitions are still prone to hardware and software errors and system failures. Accidental actions of the end user or malicious acts by viruses or malware can and do cause considerable data loss no matter what file system was used.

Recovering corrupted NTFS volumes requires much more sophisticated technologies than fixing the FAT errors. The NTFS is an order of magnitude more complex than the FAT, and requires special attention to its numerous indexes, security descriptions and data integrity structures that are simply not present in the FAT. Using the wrong tool to attempt performing NTFS disk recovery most often results in a completely unusable and irrecoverable disk.

Fortunately, there is no lack of NTFS recovery tools on the market. The latest breed of NTFS disk recovery tools such as Mareew NTFS Recovery offered by combine sophisticated low-level technologies with the safety of the modern wizard-based user interface.

Damaged, corrupted and inaccessible NTFS volumes and partitions can be easily repaired by following a simple and straightforward procedure. Running the NTFS disk recovery wizard and clicking ‘Next’ on every step will result in repairing the corrupted disk more often than not. Specifying the volumes and partitions to recover practically guarantees the result.

Modern NTFS disk recovery tools are non-destructive, and don’t corrupt the disks, often offering you to create an image of the corrupted disk somewhere else to perform all repair operations on that image first. A very welcome feature indeed, compared to the often destructive results that even Microsoft’s own checkdisk may produce on severely damaged drives.

Today’s tools for recovering NTFS disks and partitions are safe, quick, technologically advanced and are designed to be used by you and me. Don’t be afraid to take control over the recovery of your own disk and its data, as the modern tools make this process safe and painful.

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