Article: A Plan for Disk Recovery

Do you have a plan in case your hard disk fails, and your data is lost? All is good while everything works, but one day even the most reliable hardware fails. Did you prepare yourself for the inevitable?

There are several strategies to rely upon to minimize chances of hardware failure and to control data loss. Connecting disks into a RAID Mirror (but not the Stripe!) provides an automatic backup of a kind, protecting you from the most harmful and often irreparable hardware failures of the hard disks. However, RAID does not against logical errors such as corrupted file systems, accidental or malicious formatting or repartitioning of the disk, unintentional deletion of important files, and data corruption occurring after a system failure.

While a mirror-based RAID does protect you against the failure of a single hard drive, the RAID will still hold exactly what is written on it. If you delete a file, it will be gone on all the mirrored disks at the same time. Therefore, relying on RAID arrays as the only data protection strategy is wrong.

Regular data backups are often recommended as the best solution to ensure complete data integrity. The tales are true, but how many people do you know who make regular daily backups of their work? Most of us have a few CDs or DVDs with some year old copies of email archives, digital pictures and MP3 music at best. Having an old backup certainly helps if you have lots to lose, but what about the rest of the crowd who never had a backup or whose backup copies have almost expired?

Disk recovery is what will help you recover the files and documents! After the crash had already happened, recovering the hard drive with proper disk recovery software is your last and only recourse. Resolving to disk recovery is, of course, an emergency measure that should not be attempted if it ainít broken.

Now youíre armed with the theory, but where do you start? In order to begin the recovery process, youíll need proper disk recovery tools. There are many companies on the market offering similar disk recovery products. Mareew Company is just a few to name. Competing for your attention and your wallet, the recovery company have developed disk recovery product that can be actually used by ordinary mortals, meaning that the corrupted disk will be fixed, and the lost data recovered even when you or I are using the tools.

If you recall the early days of the computer era, the disk recovery products used to complex, bloated with features crippled with funny names. Press the wrong button, and your hard drive blows up, and you never see your files again! Of course, the hard drives didnít literally blow up, but your data was lost for sure should you have triggered the wrong control.

This has changed with the latest generation of disk recovery products. Modern data recovery software employs step-by-step wizards to guide you through the process. The product ask question in a human language. You donít even have to know the ten key differences between FAT and NTFS to operate these tools! Best of all, you no longer have to visit the store and buy the box just to discover at home itís for Mac. Instead, you can visit a Web site, download disk recovery software for free, and see for yourself whether or not thatís what you wanted. Just make sure to write down the sitesí names on a piece of paper; once your hard drive is gone, it will be too late!

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