Article: Data Recovery from a Crashed Hard Disk

Data recovery is similar to data backups and information security in that it mostly interests those who suffered from data loss.


The data recovery process and tools are investigated by the general computer user only after the hard disk has crashed and the data loss has happened. While minor data corruption can be often fixed easily by Windows checkdisk, most of us will notice problems only when the thing no longer boots, or if the document we edited yesterday turns into garbage or mysteriously disappears.

In order to get the right data recovery tool for the already crashed or slowly dying hard drive, one has to put up some priorities. Do you want to get access to the crashed drive just to save enough of your files and data from that drive before you finally replace it with the bigger-and-better version? Or do you want to fix that disk and, of course, get all your data back? The answer would probably depend on what you do, how important is your data and how difficult it is to replace. The age of your hard drive and the reason of the failure should also be important factors for your consideration.

Obviously, if your hard drive is a modern one, and the failure comes from a virus attack, there’s no point in ditching the disk. You’ll strive to get back your data and fix the drive. Things are different if the hard disk if old, and starts failing and crashing Windows because of its age or mechanical problems. In that case, you’re looking at getting as much of your data as is still there, and running away from that drive.

Depending on your course of action, you may have different choice of data recovery tools.

There are basically two approaches to the recovery of a crashed hard disk. The first approach recovers your files and data, while the second one concentrates on repairing the file system and MBR structures of your hard drive. Accordingly, there are several (more than two) classes of data recovery software that employ either or both approaches.

Mareew Company offers five different data recovery products that fall exactly into the categories described above.

Mareew Hard Drive Recovery is your best bet in recovering all of your data from the crashed disk and fixing the disk and the file system, returning the system back on track.

Mareew Disk Recovery concentrates its efforts on repairing the system structures and the boot record, restoring access to inaccessible disks and corrupted partitions.

On the contrary, Mareew File Recovery deals mostly with files on a disk or partition that is still accessible and without serious damage.

Choose one of the products depending on your needs and your situation, and rest assured your data and the hard disks are safe in hands of data recovery experts!

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