Article: Data Recovery Made Easy

Data recovery software has been around for a while, but how many products are actually usable by anyone but a certified computer technician


This publication introduces a brand-new generation of technically sophisticated yet user-friendly software-only data recovery solutions.

Just as software does not have to be complicated, the data recovery process does not have to be daunting. Data recovery software is complex by the nature, performing low-level disk operations that are potentially dangerous. A data recovery product with inappropriate user interface can be misconfigured to easily corrupt your data, making disks and files irrecoverable

Luckily, there are alternatives. As Windows is an easy-to-use alternative to UNIX, data recovery software by Mareew Company is an alternative to the data recovery tools of yesterday. No more obscured selections of unknown variables and crippled acronyms! No hex editing of disk sectors! No way can you shoot yourself in the leg by applying the NTFS4 recovery algorithm on a NTFS5 volume! Just a simple, straightforward interface and complex machinery well hidden under the hood.

Mareew Hard Drive Recovery software is a wolf in sheep’s skin. Sophisticated data recovery algorithms are disguised with plain and simple user interface that is a joy to use. A simple click-click-click on the ‘Next’ button can get you up and running in a matter of minutes even if your hard drive is seriously damaged and completely inaccessible.

Your Data First

What do data recovery software tools recover according to their advertisement? Do they offer to recover your documents, your family photo archives, your files and your data? No! Typical data recovery software claims to fix your broken disk and repair the corrupted file system. Are you feeling warm and comfy knowing that ‘NTFS’ on your hard disk will be repaired?

Mareew Hard Drive Recovery software does not promise to fix your disk or repair a file system. Instead, it concentrates on getting you your valuable data. If you value your Office documents such as Word texts or Excel spreadsheets, Mareew Hard Drive Recovery software will readily recover those files.

If you put top priority on your family photos, Mareew Hard Drive Recovery software will rescue the digital pictures from the damaged disks. It’s just a matter of priorities: is it about you and your data or about your computer and your hard disk?

Mareew Company encourages everyone to download an evaluation version of their data recovery software for absolutely free. Just visit and click Download to get your free trial copy.

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