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Article: Useful Tips for Corrupted Disk Recovery


Learn how to recover corrupted disks by yourself with this easy tutorial. Inaccessible hard drives, corrupted file systems and lost files are no problem if you follow the steps described in the tutorial.

Article: Data Recovery Made Easy


Data recovery software has been around for a while, but how many products are actually usable by anyone but a certified computer technician? This publication introduces a brand-new generation of technically sophisticated yet user-friendly software-only data recovery solutions.

Article: A Plan for Disk Recovery


Do you have a plan in case your hard disk fails, and your data is lost? All is good while everything works, but one day even the most reliable hardware fails. Did you prepare yourself for the inevitable?

Article: Mareew NTFS Disk Recovery


Recovering damaged or corrupted NTFS disk partitions can be tricky at best. NTFS was developed by Microsoft as a replacement of the aged FAT to improve the reliability, extensibility and performance provided by the file system.

Article: Recover Data, Disks and Files with a Wizard


Traditionally, hard disk recovery has been dominated by corporate-level, hi-tech products that cost hundreds of dollars. Using such products to actually recover data was a tricky process. An incorrect setting or a wrong selection in a recovery program could cause irreparable damage to the corrupted data, making it impossible to restore data afterwards.

Article: Data Recovery from a Crashed Hard Disk


Data recovery is similar to data backups and information security in that it mostly interests those who suffered from data loss. While minor data corruption can be often fixed easily by Windows checkdisk, most of us will notice problems only when the thing no longer boots, or if the document we edited yesterday turns into garbage or mysteriously disappears.

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