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Mareew Hard Drive Recovery

Mareew Hard Drive Recovery recovers important data from healthy and damaged volumes.

Restore files and folders from corrupted partitions and inaccessible hard drives, recover data from volumes with damaged file systems and undelete erased files safely and easily. The data recovery wizard will recover files and data from disks with corrupted system structures. No experience in data recovery needed! Get back your files in few easy steps.

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Mareew Disk Recovery

NTFS recovery made easy! Recover files and data from corrupted NTFS disks quickly and reliably.

Mareew Disk Recovery recovers data from healthy and damaged NTFS partitions easily and reliably. The wizard-like user interface keeps user error close to impossible, while sophisticated data recovery technologies ensure that you get as much of your data back as theoretically possible. Undelete deleted files, recover data from formatted and inaccessible NTFS partitions completely automatically.

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Mareew Office Recovery

Automatically recover lost and deleted Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents with Mareew Office Recovery.

Survive system crashes and disk corruption, recover documents from formatted or inaccessible disks, and rescue files deleted from the Recycle Bin easily and reliably. Mareew Office Recovery applies powerful methods to ensure recovery even if the disk is severely damaged or completely inaccessible, and supports MS Office 95-2013.

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Mareew File Recovery

Locate and undelete files and documents that were lost ages ago. A perfectly easy undelete tool!

If you only have one chance to recover a deleted file, make sure you’re using the best tool. Mareew File Recovery combines sophisticated recovery technologies with simple step-by-step user interface to make deleted file recovery easily possible for everyone. Supporting FAT and NTFS file systems with low-level access to the hard disk makes the most complete recovery a sure bet.

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Mareew Media Recovery

Automatically recover files from flash memory cards, undelete multimedia files such as pictures, music and videos.

Mareew Media Recovery integrates powerful algorithms for recovering supported multimedia files even from disk or memory cards that are damaged, inaccessible, or infected with a virus. Its comprehensive mechanics are made to get your data back no matter what. The newest recovery algorithms scan the entire contents of your disk or memory card to locate missing audio, video and image files.

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Mareew Free Eraser

Erase files completely and securely with Free Eraser

Ensure confidentiality of sensitive data by erasing files completely and securely. Free Eraser gets rid of sensitive information finally and completely. Scrupulously wiping the content of the files and meticulously messing up its metadata, Free Eraser makes erased files gone forever. Regain peace of mind by knowing that private data and sensitive information is securely deleted, and is completely unrecoverable.

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Mareew Company Adds Non-Windows Recovery Support to Hard Drive Recovery.


Mareew Company updates Hard Drive Recovery, the company's top of the line data recovery suite, to include support for non-Windows volumes.

Mareew Company updates its Web site.


The updated Web site offers smoother visitor experience by providing a cleaner layout and implementing cutting edge technologies.